The Best 8 Travel Navigation Apps of 2021

1.Google Maps (5 billion Users)

Google Maps
  • Google Maps is discovering your new experience across the country, Maps offers original satellite imagery, street maps, 360 interactive place view of streets, real-time experience, and route planning for travelling around the world.
  • Navigate the world around you. 

2. Waze Navigation Traffic (10 Million Users)

Waze Navigation Traffic App
  • See what’s happening –  Use the Waze app, your travel journey will get happy, It helps to Alert you about Road traffic, police, hazards, and more on your driving moment. 
  • Get there faster information in the Waze app – Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time and start your travel journey.
  • Drive with Waze carpool – Save time & money by riding together starting now.

3.Apple Map (10 Million Users)

Apple Map
  • Choose between road, transit, and satellite views Move, Zoom, and rotate a map, View a 3D map.
  • Allow Maps to use your precise location.

4. Citymapper (10+ Million Users)

Citymapper App

  • Find the best route for your travel journey with the citymapper app, Get real-time data sources for all travel transport rides.
  • Hit the GO button for step-by-step directions and maps.
  • Experience one-stop-shop mobility.

5.MapQuest (10+Million Users)

  • Mapquest is providing up-to-date satellite imagery and map details.
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions your entire travel journey, Optimized routing to help save your time, money.
  • Live traffic cameras so you can view road conditions before you hit the road.

6. HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation (10+ Million Users)

  • HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation provides more ways to get around, 
  • Bike and vehicle-sharing options, as well as accommodation booking and car and bike parking, are all available on the go. There are also additional options available for your trip experience.
  • A method of locating sites of mutual interest and planning vacations with others. Plus a lot more!

7. AllTrails (10+ Million Users)

  • Explore 200,000+ Hiking Trails and Mountain Bike Routes Record Your Outdoor Adventures with the AllTrails GPS Activity Tracker. 
  • Save Your Favorite Trails.
  • Get GPS Driving Directions to the Trailhead.

8. MAPS.ME (50+ Million Users)


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